Welcome to Zealtow!

Census Data

General Information

  • Pop. Estimate: 1,346
  • Children: 37.30% (502)
  • Elderly: 6.46% (87)

Racial Breakdown

  • 630 half-orc (46.8%)
  • 239 dwarf (17.7%)
  • 209 gnome (15.5%)
  • 150 halfling (11.1%)
  • 108 elf (8%)
  • 10 other (0.7%)


  • 6 Districts
  • 69 Businesses
  • 144 Specialists
  • 170 Residences

Summary [-]

Zealtow is a small town in the Inner Nillman Territory with a normal population.

Environment [-]

Geography [-]

This fertile small town is moderately populated (3,789/sq km), covers 0.36 square kilometers, and roughly has a diameter of 677 meters.

Climate [-]

Zealtow has a Temperate Deciduous Forest climate, which is characterized by warm and wet summers with mild and dry winters, and has spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. Winds in the region are wild and the temperature is generally mild with strong variation. Precipitation is moderate, and the sky is continually overcast.

Astronomy [-]

Zealtow sees a binary star overhead: Uujus, a massive yellow star and Lujon, a small white star. Zealtow also has a single moon: Sinoka, an average bone white moon. In the night sky, you see three celestial objects: a massive nebula that has been around for only a few years, a massive nearby planet that has been around for time immemorial, and an imposing pulsar that has been around for generations.

Cityscape [-]

Walls [-]

Visitors are greeted with a scarred granite partition that is 16 meters tall. The city wall protects the core 100% of the city, with 5 towers spread along the 2.74 kilometer wall.

Streets [-]

There are 5 roads leading to Zealtow; 3 roads are major. The city is lined with smooth cobblestone paths in an irregular pattern.

Districts [-]

The city is broken into the following districts: market, poor, wealthy, trade, professional, and industry.

Government [-]

Zealtow is governed through an oligarchy, where control is exercised by a small group of individuals whose authority generally is based on wealth or power. The government as a whole is seen as ruthlessly effective. Officials in Zealtow are often seen as underhanded and the policies are loved. The political influence of Zealtow in the region is improving due to riots in the region. In times of crisis, the population comes together and fights as one.

Leader [-]

Zealtow is ruled by Commander Khalzor teh Yerssen. The Commander has been in power for mere hours and is honored by the people. There is no visible opposition to the Commander and policies. The right to rule was granted by appointment, and that power is maintained through the support of merchant groups.

Laws [-]

Laws are enforced by a roving thieves, but are loosely enforced. Justice is served by jurors, with a common punishment being fines.

Crime [-]

Crime is rare. The most common crime is domestic disturbance. The imprisonment rate is 1.63% of the population (22 adults).

Military [-]

Zealtow has a reverent attitude towards the military. Their standing army of 201 citizens (15%) is at the ready, with a reserve force of 77 (5.75%). Of the active duty military, 7 (3.5%) are special forces. Due to their reverent attitude and scarred partition, Zealtow is properly fortified. Zealtow fighters are despised for their use of greataxes in battle. They are ridiculed for their phlanyx formations and are considered reasonably well skilled in battle.

Economy [-]

The economy in Zealtow is currently steadfast.

Resources [-]

Zealtow is known for the following resources:

  • A haunted tower inhabited by vampire caterpillars that are feared by locals. One might find a chest containing kitten mittens in a dungeon.
  • A magical gazebo inhabited by vampire scorpions that are hunted by children.
  • Bountiful spider clusters that are feared by townspeople. The locals speak of piles of small lyres in a nearby pit.
  • Kitten glarings that are feared by magic users. Somoeone said someone found bags of penis sheathes buried near there.

Culture [-]

Legends [-]

Around town you'll hear the following legends:
  • Legends tell of Thubush's Mirror, a unique mirror with the power to dominate others. It hasn't reappeared in years.
  • Legends tell of Tuduk's Brooch, a magical brooch with the capability to grant wishes. It was never recovered.

Events [-]

Zealtow is a lively city with many opportunities available.

Job Postings [-]

You'll find the following job postings:
  • artifact tester wanted. Opportunity to earn a title. Must be clean. Contact Waepne.
  • Scholar seeks rare supplies: Scholar unable to gather fresh paper due to age, seeks trustworthy agents to gather materials for research. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Faelantel Heartstalker.
  • Require an instructor learned in horseback riding to tutor my child. Reward available. Contact DeDone Jameewicz for more information.
  • Required: Bored? I'm looking for rare stirge, both live and dead. I have a list of the ones I need. Will pay in gold. Contact Ilyhiainne Floralrose.
  • Want to earn some quick coin? Cleric seeks apprentice. Reward is a secret. Contact S'hooral heh S'hoorzin.
  • boxing contest this weekend. Special prize for first place finish. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Obbugh Legnor.
  • Help Needed: Someone stole my shovel. Find the louse, dead or alive. Must provide your own transportation. Reward available. Contact Trasag Neckcracker.
  • Hearty souls needed to recover stolen jewel. Will reward you with a land deed. Contact Gheal seh Gheal.
  • Seeking inter-planar messenger. Must be clean. Reward is a priceless heirloom. A little danger is involved, so expect hazardous duty pay. Contact Donic Wilard.
  • Wanted: Looking for something new? I have rabbits in my basement, plz halp! Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Dzuurm Ironcutter.
  • Looking for something new? squirrels-catcher needed to keep the beasties away from the sheep and cattle. Will reward you with valuable information. Mild danger may be involved. Must be a quick learner. Contact Thororin Grandsapper.

People [-]

The people in Zealtow despise outsiders.

Citizens [-]

The following citizens are worth mentioning:
  • Thordor Coralmail is a female dwarf who is known in that part of town as being a reasonably skilled engineer. She appears guarded.
  • Elmaiine Rainleaf is a male halfling who is known in the region as being a reasonably skilled ropemaker. He appears vengeful.
  • Alarigtel Melithstar is a male elf who is known in the neighborhood as being a poorly skilled cooper. He appears skeptical.
  • Ilnaliyn Teasen'river is a female elf who is known in the region as being a renowned pursemaker. She appears authoritarian.
  • Grumgan Broadtoe is a female dwarf who is known in that part of town as being a mediocre entertainer. She appears unreliable.
  • Mal Coldjay is a male halfling who is known in the city as being a horribly skilled glovemaker. He appears guarded.
  • Belhialleu Dawnsinger is an androgynous elf who is known in the neighborhood as being a horribly skilled collier. It appears lonely.
  • Baldor Ivoryfinger is a male dwarf who is known in that part of town as being a decent bleacher. He appears skeptical.
  • Allieno Tiddlyfuel is a female gnome who is known in that part of town as being a renowned lumberjack. She appears patriotic.
  • Pergrinly Bolgerwolf is a female halfling who is known in the neighborhood as being a gifted courtier. She appears drunken.
  • Morbor Coalcloak is a male dwarf who is known in the neighborhood as being a reasonably skilled physician. He appears spiteful.
  • Falgar Drumbattler is a male dwarf who is known in the world as being a poorly skilled teamster. He appears thick.
  • Haalaniyn Bannigrove is an androgynous elf who is known in the region as being a poorly skilled tilemaker. It appears conspirational.
  • Beaton Cobbletonk is a female gnome who is known in the world as being a decent stablehand. She appears thick.

Travelers [-]

The following travelers are worth mentioning:
  • Malco Melitender, a battle-ready male halfling. He is a commoner who is here to secretly assassinate a scholar.
  • Thormir Goodgrieve, a greedy male dwarf. He is a druid who is doing something nefarious.
  • Drorun Tigerdoor, a xenophobic male dwarf. He is a sorcerer who is here to destroy an artifact.

Locales [-]

Establishments [-]

These establishments worthy of mention in Zealtow:

  • The Violet Darkroot Butchery [+]
  • The Chicken Willow Farms [+]
  • The Mad Hammer Shop [+]
  • The Guinea Hole Harnesses [+]
  • The Furious Turkey Elementary School [+]
  • The Lonely Toad Inc. [+]
  • The Glaring Fig Inc. [+]
  • The Fumbling Fireplace Fine Books [+]
  • The Tattered Greyhound Mercenary [+]
  • The Fired Clowns [+]
  • The Flying Badger Inc. [+]
  • The Mended Turkey Barrels [+]
  • The Gray Goblins Inc. [+]
  • The Slaughtered Crow Charity [+]